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  1. Ginny

    Dan, thank you for giving us our little Rye girl! She is the sweetest, most well tempered, loving dog we could have asked for. She is a machine on the field and in the water and will retrieve and swim for HOURS! We are a little biased but we also think she is the most gorgeous girl in the world.

  2. Brandi Kelly

    Summit is from Mabel and Myles August 2022 litter. She has an amazing temperament, personality, and is an amazing bird dog. We started with obedience and wing training the first few weeks we brought her home, and she picked up basic commands fast, and had no problem finding the wings in the grass. We used a dummy launcher to get her used to the sound of a gun, she hardly flinched and even tracked it in the air. Summit went on her first hunt at about 4 months old, where she flushed, and retrieved pheasants (even if they were almost bigger than she was!)

    Her next big hunt at 6 months old was amazing, she worked an entire field, even the woods and she flushed and retrieved pheasant and chukars. She gets very excited when she hears the sound of a gunshot, she has mastered all commands we have trained her on, and has the perfect on/off switch. Now she is almost a year old and we could not ask for a better dog for our family. We are going to start training her for duck hunting as she has become very obsessed with the water, and we can’t wait for pheasant hunting season to start.

    We highly encourage anyone looking for a bird dog or a family dog to consider Dans puppies! We could not have asked for a better puppy to bring into our family. Thank you so much Dan!

  3. Ally

    Ruger is a year and seven months and he’s been doing great retrieving birds and ducks. He recently retrieved his first goose!

  4. Joe Noce

    We are so in love with Bleu ! He is almost 11 weeks old and so far has learned “sit,” “stay,” “lay,” and “paw.” He loves to eat, run around, play with his toys, go in the pool, and cuddle. He is the best little pup we could have ever asked for !

    1. Philip Sailer

      The family, our friends, and our neighborhood are all in love with Shado. Here she is after a nice run and some training, moments before she passed out for an afternoon nap.

  5. Shaun

    Cooper is from the July 2017 litter. I gun conditioned him and then hunted quail 3 or 4 times at the end of 2017 public season at 4 months. His last hunt he connected the dots between the training wings and a live bird and he evolved into a different Dog. Now a year later and he is a machine. He has put up more wild woodcock in the 2018 season so far than hunting the past 10 years over other dogs. Cape has had some tough very windy swirling wind days and his nose doesn’t change. He is so food driven that he learns commands in 3 to 4 repetitions and commits to memory. Hand signals no problem. I never force fetched (didn’t want to anyway), he held a paint roller on day 1, easily held bumpers after that which made for easy transition to hand with live birds. He normally gets a lot of exercise but averaging about 15+ miles per hunt with more in the tank and doesn’t stop swimming 😊. Previous springer was good to about 7-10 miles. He hunts close and when he locates a bird he pauses for a second as if to point, then pounces to flush which I love. I wanted a flushing dog and that hesitation gives me time to get the gun up which is perfect considering I shoot a .410 most of the time. He is a 75 lb Uber-Lab and I could not be happier with him! Thanks again Dan!

  6. Shaun Ruge

    Big day today, the usual crowd slept in so we had first run at the quail fields alone, Good match for our short puppy stamina and one on one work without distractions. Put training to use and casted like a bigger dog. Sniffed out and put up 3 birds in about 30 min-45 min. Knocked one down with the 410. Cooper had a solid mark, chased the dead bird down, sniffed it out and retrieved his first quail as expected. I could not have been more proud. All started with a good breeder, thanks Dan!! Blurry photo of a tired, happy pup.
    Nov 21 2017

  7. Shaun Ruge

    Flushed his first 2 quail last weekend. He will mark and retrieve by site then scent as far as I can throw a quail and dive into bushes where ever I send him. Took about 30 minutes to condition him to a 12 gauge overhead. His stamina grows every day. Just need to make the connection between live bird smell and dead retrieve and he will be well on his way. thanks to daily bird wing fetch or swim sessions. He is an awesome dog, thanks again! Nov 11 2017

  8. Airi Honda

    Hi there Dan!
    Just wanted to share a photo to show you how well Pepper (1.5 years old) and Onions (at 9 weeks) are doing together. They are practically inseparable! You truly breed the most amazing dogs and I couldn’t thank you enough. I’m certain that Leighton will be posting hunting photos in the near future!


  9. Everett

    Bird dogs don’t come any better than Goose. Working with her, hanging out with her, and hunting with her has been awesome.
    She is eager to please, enthusiastic, and LOVES birds.
    When we are on walks at the park she gets compliments all the time on her good behavior, retrieving, and recall.
    When it comes to hunting, her energy and enthusiasm are contagious. If there is a bird around there’s not a doubt in my mind she will find it.
    She even forgives me when my shooting isn’t up to her standards.
    At just 8 months old I’m proud to call her my best friend and I look forward to the adventures that follow.

  10. admin Post author


    As promised, here are a few shots of Pepper with her first bird. We were hunting a WMA in southern NH. Pepper got wind of it, stopped and charged into a brushy tree line adjacent to a field to flush the bird and put it up she did. Daddy smacked it, and sent Pepper for it. Soon after she brought it back to hand (to Airi, not me but we’ll call it good this time). She did a fantastic job and next week is her big debut doing what her daddy truly lives for—ducks!


          1. admin Post author

            Hi Dan,
            Opening day of pheasant season, Casey flushed 3 cock birds and retrieved 2. He’s on his way to being a bird dog! Getting bigger everyday! Love this little guy!

            Happy hunting!

    1. admin Post author


      I cannot tell you how much we adore Pepper. She is a super smart, loyal, sweet and a practically fearless little girl. Easily trainable and she LOVES the water and retrieving. She goes bonkers when we play the ‘find it’ game with wings too. This one’s going to be an absolute demon on birds, I’m certain. The first time I took her to water I was hoping that she’d at least want to dip her toes in. I had her sit and walked in waist deep, then turned around only to see her right behind me then swimming circles around me as happy as a pig in a big pile of slop.

      We chose her well, and you deserve a lot of credit for breeding such a lovely animal and for suggesting we come multiple times to check the pups out before choosing. You were dead right. Thank you, sir. She’s truly our little family member.



  11. admin Post author

    Tanker (Hoover and Scoop pup) and her new hunting buddy Matt.
    I want to wish them good hunting, and good luck in general.
    I know she’ll be happy, specially since she won’t have to compete for attention!

  12. Joe T

    Sage is the best! She is coming up on her 2nd birthday and is absolutely still a puppy, though she doesn’t chew anything she’s not supposed to and has perfect recall when she wants to. She also loves tennis balls.


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