Puppy Application

Puppy Application
To be completed after the waitlist request has been accepted!
Please fill out as complete as possible and submit…
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1) Why did you decide on a Labrador for your new pet, and have you familiarized yourself with the breed? *
2) Have you ever owned a dog and been responsible for his/her care, training, etc? *
3) (if yes to #2) If not still living with you, what were the circumstances to his/her departure?
4) Will the new puppy share a home with others besides you? spouse - children - other pets? (please provide ages of children) *
5) If you have other pets, what are they, and have they been spayed/neutered?
6) Are you certain you are able to afford the ongoing care and maintenance of him/her for the next 12 - 15 years? *
7) What is your (and your spouse/partners) profession and are they conducted outside of the home? *

8) Will there be someone at home to supervise the puppy during the day? *
9) How long will the puppy be on their own on average during the day? *
10) Will the puppy reside indoors or out? *
11) Do you have a fenced yard, or a fenced area dedicated to the puppy's excercising and eliminating? *
If yes, please describe.
12) Do you live in a ... *
Do you... *
If you rent, is your landlord aware of your desire to adopt a Labrador Retriever?

13) Will your family schedules and obligations allow for the time and opportunity to include the puppy in many of your activities? *
14) Are you prepared to purchase a crate/kennel for the puppy's training and protection? *
15) Are you willing (if necessary) to enroll in an organized obedience training program with your puppy to help create a well behaved and sociable companion? *
16) Will all members of the household be aware of/participate in the training so the puppy does not get conflicting information as to what is/is not acceptable behavior? *
17) How much time weekly do you expect to spend on training? *
18) It is you desire to have the dog involved in... *
19) Is it your intention to have your puppy spayed/neutered? *

20) Please consider and describe what you would do with your puppy/dog if any of the following situations were to happen... (divorce - move- new baby - loss of job - serious illness) *
21) Are you willing to provide us with feedback at regular intervals in regards to the puppy's social/physical development and how he/she is adjusting to their new home? (We'd love it if you would!) *
22) Do you understand that even though we have engaged in multi-generation research, cleared hips, elbows and eyes, and dna screened our Labradors, there can be no absolute assurance that the puppy purchased will be completely free of genetic defects? (We've done everything possible to increase the odds!) *
23) If approved, how do plan to get your puppy at 8 weeks of age? (We will NOT ship our puppies!)
24) Do you have any comments you wish to add to assist us in the consideration of your application? Or, if you'd like to further explain an answer to the above questions, please reference the number.
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