Puppy Checklist

New Puppy Checklist
□ Puppy food
□ Puppy treats (small-size treats to reinforce a puppy’s good behavior during training)
□ Water & food bowls
□ Safe toys (toys that can’t be torn up, chewed apart, swallowed, or entangled)
□ Bed (buy to fit grown dog)
□ Crate (for training & travel)
□ Collar
□ Leash
□ Puppy ID tag
□ Dog nail clippers (ask your veterinarian or groomer how to trim your puppy’s nails)
□ Pet shampoo
□ Dog grooming brush
□ Flea control products
□ Pooper scooper
□ Carpet stain remover
□ Puppy/dog training book or videotape
□ Booklet or notebook (to hold current puppy/dog photos, and to record all of your dog’s vital statistics—especially helpful if your puppy/dog gets lost)